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Codex’s full-time translators consist of PhD and post-graduate students from the most prestigious universities as well as returned overseas students. They are an important part of the company that makes Codex proud.


With years of accumulation of experiences, our drug translation team has laid a solid foundation in pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacoanalysis, pharmaceutics, clinical medicine and clinical pharmacology of medicine; team members are proficient in the full set materials for new drug approval, such as drug production process, quality standards, acute toxicity test, chronic toxicity test, skin irritation test, reproductive, developmental and genetic toxicity test, etc., drug clinical trial phase I-IV as well as drug research status, research overview and all published papers.


Meanwhile, our medical device translation team also has profound knowledge of preclinical medicine, clinical medicine, physics, engineering science, mechanical manufacturing science, and familiar with various medical electronic and medical diagnostic devices, such as X-ray device, ultrasonic device, MRI, CT, PET, SPECT, DICOM, linear accelerator, pressure generator, etc. as well as laboratory apparatus and apparatus used in clinical departments (such as cardiovascular surgery, dental department, orthopedics department, etc.).


Besides, our interpretation team is also composed of post-graduate students majoring in interpretation equipped with many interpretation certificates. With rich experiences and all-rounded medical knowledge, our interpreters are well qualified for interpretation in any occasion, such as medical academic exchange, business negotiation, simultaneous interpreting (SI) and consecutive interpreting (CI), etc.

Codex’s high praise from old and new clients is originated from the most thoughtful services of marketing department, reasonable overall planning of project department, high quality translation of translation department, excellence-pursuing of proofreading department, brilliance-adding of typesetting department, rich material accumulation of file department, and high efficiency of finance department. The rapid growth and development of Codex cannot be separated from full cooperation of every staff of every team of every department. It is the unity as banded together like strands of a rope that helps Codex to challenge the difficulties and successfully complete large medical projects one after another.

To choose Codex is to choose high quality and reassurance. At first our experienced marketing consultant will have a one-to-one communication with you, and will be responsible for recording all your demands. Later, persons in charge of your project include project manager, professional translators, proofreaders, professional reviewers, typesetting staff and accountants. They will provide the most professional language support for you company by combing years of experiences and specialized knowledge.