Quality Assurance

Codex has strictly implemented the highest standards for translation quality in each procedure of translation service.

1. We have set up strict screening criteria for translators; the basic requirement for full-time translators is that they shall, at least, have a degree of MA in translation or interpretation and other relevant majors.

2. We spare no efforts to create a high-quality working environment and provide generous salaries to ensure the stability of our team to the largest extent.

3. We have adopted the world's most advanced Translation Management Software “Projetex” so as to optimize translation procedures and standardize service processes. Projetex has clearly defined every management aspect such as customer relationship management, sales, project planning, tracking and writing, time management, finance, invoice and payment, which has helped us establish a paperless office.

4. We have built up our own medical language and terminological database that greatly improve our work efficiency, reduce costs and safeguard our system and information.

Based on the above advantages and continuous efforts of our team, our company has obtained ISO9001 certification. And we strictly abide by Chinese National Standards- all provisions for translation service, so as to guarantee our customer’s benefits to a maximum degree. Therefore, Codex has always enjoyed a good reputation for providing high-quality translation service.


        ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems


        National Standards of People’s Republic of China GB/T 19363.1-2008



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