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 We recommend using bank transfer or bank card to pay translation fees. As network technology and bank settlement have developed quite a lot nowadays, we can take full advantage of modern science and technology instead of going to the bank in person so as to save time and energy.



Our financial settlement uses centralized control on account for convenient query and reconciliation. Besides cash payment in each branch, please select the following settlement account:
Company Name: Beijing Codex Translation Co., Ltd.
Deposit Bank: China Construction Bank (Beijing Caishi Kou South Street Sub Branch)
Account: 11001176400053002121

Beijing Codex Translation Co., Ltd., registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and tax authority, is a qualified translation company. If you need the invoice of translation service, please let us know in advance and we can offer you a valid invoice. Before we mail the invoice, please tell us your invoice title and mailing address (must include address, phone number, and contact information), and the invoice will be mailed to your specified address by surface mail or by express.