Translation Team


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Cooperation among all departments of Codex

Marketing Department
Communicate with clients
Provide solution plan
Make project assessment
Offer project quotation
Inform project completion time
Sign an agreement with clients
Inform project progress
Provide after-sales service consultation
Collect and record client information

Project Department
Coordinate cooperation among every section during translation process
Manage personnel scheduling
Post relevant job vacancies
Screen resumes
Test relevant professional capability
Re-check relevant qualification
Archive personnel documents according to the qualification and language type
Provide personnel support for interpretation project
Assess and review project
Arrange appropriate translator/interpreter according to project status
Record project progress and make timely adjustment
Monitor real-time project quality
Provide quotation advice on special project for customer service department
Assist file department to establish the terminology database
Handle modification feedbacks delivered by the customer service department
Record document quality as a basis for reward and punishment

Translation Department
Responsible for the translation of various languages
Responsible for the quality of target text
Verify relevant professional terms
Typeset common documents
Receive internal training
Acquire new information of translation in time
Self-study to improve professional skills
Self-check and guarantee first draft quality
Obtain national translation certificates

Proofreading Department
Responsible for the examination of final translation
Ensure the uniformity of professional terms
Check for missing in translation
Check for data error between source text and target text
Check for grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes
Adjust the format of target text
Assist to build professional terminology database
Polish target text
Receive internal training

Typesetting Department
Responsible for type-in and type-setting of text and image
Good command of layout software (such as OFFICE and ADOBE)
Keep up with updates of layout software
Re-check for any missing to reduce error rate
Ensure the format of target text being consistent with client’s requirements
Strictly follow production scheduling and notification requirements
Cooperate with the printing house for the adjustment of visual effects of layout before printing
Coordinate with proofreading department to complete modification and layout adjustment
Complete other typesetting work assigned by the project manager

Financial Department
Record project deals
Check settlement situation
Calculate the salary for staff
Pay for the expenses of daily company operation
Make accounting statements
Feed back business status to administrative department
Invoice clients
Remind business department to collect residual payments from clients
Make the tax declaration to tax authorities

File Department
Act strictly according to Archives Law, study and make constant self-improvement
Manage company’s files, including business data, administrative materials and market research materials
Timely collect, arrange, store and destroy materials as well as their records
Assist the translation department to establish relevant professional terminology database
Receive and transfer documents
Responsible for borrowing and utilizing files
In charge of security and confidentiality of clients’ documents
    Properly store files. Timely report and solve problems