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Q:Do you promise your confidentiality for translation materials?
A:Every staff in our company possesses high professional ethics, and we promise to strictly keep your materials secret.

Q:Would you offer a test translation in advance?
A:Yes. If it’s your first time to cooperate with us with a document of more than 8000 words, we can offer a free test translation for 200 words of this document.

Q:How much do you charge for translation?
A:Our translation price depends on various factors, such as language, number of words, delivery time, urgency degree, degree of technical difficulty of document contents, degree of difficulty of typesetting and graphic processing, and specific requirements of client. Therefore, the price for each translation project can be varied from each other, and we promise to offer a reasonable quotation for you.

Q:How to do word count?
A:Word count generally bases on Chinese characters (excluding space). Chinese characters refer to Chinese characters, Arabic alphabet, figures, and punctuations, excluding space. If your document is in the form of Microsoft Word, please do the word count directly in Word software.

Q:How to pay translation fee?
A:We have always had pleasant cooperation with our clients on payment. Up to now, we have never encountered any payment problem. For non-long term cooperation, generally client is required to pay 50% of the translation fee in advance or sign a contract with us. Translation fee can be paid by bank-to-bank transfer, check, telegraphic transfer, post office remittance, credit card, bank card, Alipay, cash, etc.

Q:How to do word count for Pdf document?
A: For common pdf document, we will convert it into a Word document for word count by using special software to identify Chinese or English characters. For special pdf document, we will do word count by estimation as a valid document cannot be generated through identification or conversion.

Q:What are the document formats that can be submitted?
A:Please submit the document in common formats, such as .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf, .ppt, .jpg, .gif, etc. Document in other formats should be submitted in a compressed file (rar). Your materials will generally be processed in MS Word by our translation project team, and the final version will be delivered in accordance with your request.

Q:Generally how long does a document translation take?
A:We recommend you to leave at least 2-3 days for translation processing. On the one hand, our translation department is fully scheduled with many projects every day; on the other hand, your project may also have adequate buffer time. If the word count of your document is within 3,000, 2-3 days are recommended for translation processing.

Q:How do you ensure service reputation?
A:Beijing Codex Translation Co., Ltd., registered by Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, is a professional translation company. The registration information of Codex can be queried in the business credit query system of Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce website. Type in our company’s full name ‘Beijing Codex Translation Co., Ltd.’, and you can get our information registered in Industry and Commerce Bureau.

Q:As the technical details involved in our material are very complicated, do you have any experiences in dealing with this kind of translation?
A: With years of rich experiences in translating medical technical documents, we can properly process your technical data either involving in medical academic studies or clinical details.